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Personal websites are the fanzines of the 21st Century…


Personal websites are the fanzines of the 21st Century. They’re photocopied flyers and stapled together scraps of rubbish, with stolen images, ill-thought out words, tremendously creative in an idiosyncratic way. Interestingly though the aesthetic of most of these sites is either clean and ordered (post word-processing ideology of order) or futurist / high-tech (computer people Read More

Tom Coates Explains Everything…


1) JaceLV asked me a very personal question about the size of my undercarriage. The answer is that it wouldn’t fit in a pen cap but it would have no trouble fitting into the cargo compartment of a 747. 2) Dan asked me whether or not I was really redesigning my site. The answer is Read More

Back to basics…


It has come to the notice of the autocracy of that Tom Coates has been remarkably slack in updating and maintaining the site of late. Tempted as we are to fire him and employ someone rather more dedicated to the cause, we have instead decided to force him to undertake a few small projects Read More

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