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Christmas! My old enemy! We meet at last…


Imagine me, if you will, in a smoking jacket. Imagine a thin moody moustache is slithering across my upper lip rather than the manly unkemptness that I call my beard. Imagine that I’m sitting in a 60s pod-chair – almost completely spherical apart from a hole from which I peer, and suspended on the slightest Read More

A world of iTunes tips…


So an upgraded version of iTunes appeared on my Software Update this evening. For the most part – if you’re not from AOL and looking to buy music – there aren’t very many changes that I can notice (except hopefully it won’t now crash my G4 desktop every 12 hours or so). But one thing Read More

Is physical presence necessary for community?


A few months ago I responded to a site that claimed The Internet is Shit with a reposte designed to illustrate that although our networks might contain difficult and unpleasant material, they also contain enough of value and facilitate enough legitimate and real communities to be able to state pretty conclusively that The Internet is Read More

Guardian Award Winners…


So the Guardian’s Weblog Awards have been announced, and although I’m surprised by a good few of the sites who made it onto their lists, generally the standard’s pretty good. Some recommended sites from the published list: Beyond Northern Iraq A Teenager Blogs NYCLondon The Bunker And a special shout-out to my particular favourites: Read More

A fragment of a world full of metadata…


Metadata, then, is data about data. Jason has posted a piece about metadata called Metadazzle Overfizzle, the vast amounts of metadata that seems to be appearing for every piece of actual content we’re producing on computers and how much this new state of affairs reminds him of writing a love letter using Excel. As an Read More

In which one particular floodgate bursts…


So I’ve discovered a few exciting things today. Some of my glaring shameful ignorances have finally been smeared full (to bursting) with that most horrible unctious goo that is ‘unpalatable truth’. For example, I discovered today (thanks to a conversation with Matt Haughey) that when the American press refers to the GOP, what they’re talking Read More

Saddam Hussein has been captured…


Tony Blair has confirmed this morning that Saddam Hussein has been dug out from a cellar in Iraq and is now in custody. Apparently DNA testing has now confirmed that it is not one of his doubles. It’s a shame, of course, that the West bank-rolled, armed and propped him up in the first place. Read More

iPod local syncing…


So imagine that you’re coming home from work with your iPod and you’re listening to a song. Let’s say that you’re listening to Don’t be Light by Air, because it’s an extremely good song. Now let’s imagine that your iPod has bluetooth capabilities (or something similar) and that you’ve already paired it with your home Read More

On the decline of anti-gay sentiment in the UK…


The Guardian has an article today about the increasing acceptance of homosexuality in society that is worth a read: Without Prejudice. It’s generally a pretty well worked-through piece, even if it has a tendency to represent things in perhaps too cheerful and happy a way. Here’s one of the more randomly bizarre questions it asks: Read More

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