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Links for 2004-12-31


Meg Pickard’s Twelve Days of Christmas Some illustrations that Meg did to Celebrate Christmas in 2003, reborn via Flickr… Are Google Buying Flickr? I’m not terribly interested in the rumour mill surrounding this one, except to say that if Google were going to try and buy Flickr then I would consider it evidence of their Read More

Links for 2004-12-24


Just a reminder – the awesome Radio 3 site in all its glory Ok, basically there was this tiny layout thing that annoyed me about our work on Radio 3 and it’s now been fixed, so I’m just going to tell you all to go enjoy it again… BBC News’ in-depth pages on “The Harry Read More

I wish you a Merry Christmas…


You know what drives me mad? “Happy Christmas”. It’s been driving me a bit nuts for a while now. Surely it’s “Merry Christmas”? Cos otherwise how can you say, “Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year”? Google agrees with me: Merry Christmas (661,000 results) vs. Happy Christmas (183,000 results). So stop it, advertising wankers. Stop Read More

On putting ‘I’m gay’ on a tongue-in-cheek mock-up of a business card (and all the bloody grief it’s causing)…


So I’ve been trying to respond to the thread about my apparent obsession with going on about my sexuality (note – they’re talking about this) that’s manifested over at NSLog(); except now all my comments are getting bounced for ‘questionable content’. I’ve tried removing all the rude words from what I write, but god knows Read More

Links for 2004-12-22


Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events Being an episodic and not entirely functional film for children, whose unexpectedly dark, macabre, mournful and witty elements are easily worth the price of admission… PopCultureShock interviews Mark Millar “You create these books in a bubble so when I heard from Sam Jackson’s wife that he loves Ultimates Read More

In a happier world, would this be a good business card?


Tongue-in-cheek-ish slightly-bored early-evening version of what I would kind of like my business card to be like. Potentially on the finest, richest paper and with slight ridging for the text or something so it looked like the result of some kind of weird ink pen: As ever in my fontified handwriting font: Coates.ttf

Links for 2004-12-21


Specially commissioned Simpsons animation to run against the Queen’s speech according to BBC News. The Radio Times’ site separately describes it as follows: “The world’s most dysfunctional family deliver a counterpoint to the Queen’s traditional broadcast, with Marge Simpson and the rest of the clan giving their view of the year. Lisa takes the opportunity Read More

Weird context shifts caused by IM on hiptops…


I’m having a crisis of etiquette caused by what I believe to be bad user interface design. Basically it works like this. I look at my iChat buddy list (to the right) and I see a big list of people who are ‘green’ (indicating availability), ‘orange’ (indicating absence or idle-ness) or ‘red’ (indicating explicitly ‘away’, Read More

Links for 2004-12-20


iPod hoodie “A naked iPod? Girlfriend, you‚Äôve got to cover that thing – and we have a super solution! C. Ronson’s iPod hoodie has all the features of its life-sized original yet scaled down to keep yr MP3 player or phone lookin’ spiffy!!! Blue or pink.”

Links for 2004-12-19


I have a new favourite episode of Futurama: “Less Than Hero” Includes the classic, awesome, beautiful line: “a badger with a troubled past and nothing left to lose”… Flickr Sucks! Highly entertaining riposte to Canadian photo-sharing site Wikipedia’s guide to Podcasting “The term podcasting plays upon the terms broadcasting and webcasting and is derived from Read More

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