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Links for 2006-12-30


Joel Veitch’s 12 Days Of Christmas for charity Referencing this is a bit late and clumsy, but I’ve been a bit distracted and I’m only now starting to come out of my hole… According to a campaigning group, staff at the Grand Canyon are not allowed to officially comment on the of the geological feature Read More

Taking a little time off…


It may not surprise many of you to know that the last month or so has not been without its stresses. I’ve made, unmade and remade a number of significant decisions in a number of weird areas of significant impact to my lifemore of which in the new year. I’ve also been rather swamped in Read More

Links for 2006-12-17


Planting trees in cooler climates may actually speed up climate change The more you hearif you believe it of coursethe more it seems that this really is one of those situations where the world either has to operate together or where there have to be some seriously good incentives for poorer countries to do things Read More

Links for 2006-12-16


Are you cleverer when you’re hungry? Given that most schools in the UK are currently focusing on making sure children have had a good breakfast in order to improve behaviour and concentration, it’s an interesting and impactful argument to make… Wendy Grossman writes about the recent advert posted by 4500 musicians protesting about Gowers rejection Read More

Links for 2006-12-15


Jim Buckmaster of Craigslist goes to meet business types and weirds them out because he’s not interested in profit maximisation I think I love Jim Buckmaster. Craigslist may not represent a replicable model, but it’s nice to have a counter example to the kind of advertising strip-mining that eviscerates sites and services because it can Read More

Links for 2006-12-14


Sam Sethi reports on being fired my Mike Arrington on Twitter Funny chap, Sam. Not one predisposed towards calming things down (in my highly limited experience of him). Not really got a clue what this whole Le Web debacle is about. Too busy. Sorry. Webb’s keynoting at ETech. That’s going to be fun. Lovely topic Read More

Links for 2006-12-12


I don’t think I’ve ever been more troubled than by watching the various Philips Bodygroom adverts I suspect the only way I could be more troubled is if I tried to use the appliance in question. Eek.

Links for 2006-12-09


I’ve been playing a bit with Widsets today. It doesn’t work seamlessly, but it’s pretty interesting… I really think this is a better model than that of a mobile browser. The browser is useful too, but this dashboard style approach seems more suited to the available interfaces… Use the Wii-Mote as a lightsabre, by the Read More

Links for 2006-12-08


Victor Keegan writes quite glowingly about ORG and MySociety He points out that he hasn’t seen groups quite like these in any other country of the world. I think, after some initial reserve about their first projects, it would be difficult for me to find fault in the work that MySociety have done recently. Bravo. Read More

My first reactions to the Gowers Review…


So the Gower’s Review has been released and you can download it as a PDF. I’ve not read it in detail yet, although I hope to in the next couple of days, but the impression I get is that in general it’s pretty positive – if I’m reading it correctly, it contains recommendations that individuals Read More

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