The Evil Tree of Evolution…


Added 10.30pm: It has been pointed out to me that in fact the image below is a spoof and that I am really quite quite stupid! I will be leaving the evidence for my crapulence below in perpetuity as a reminder to myself to check things a little more thoroughly in future. Thanks to the people who actually read their way through the whole site for rapidly pointing out my clumsiness. And to the people who made the site and who explained themselves thus, “All of the ‘creationist strategies’ I have parodied are real; there are even several strategies that I didn’t have time to mock”, can I just say, I totally love your work.

Spotted on Flickr as part of a large and awesome pool around Infovisualisations and reprinted here because it is so extraordinary, this image of the horrors of evolution and what it can lead society towards comes from the Institute of Creationist Studies and is – I suspect – as close as you can get in one move to the most stupid thing ever made by anyone ever:

Belief in evolution being fueled by sin and a lack of recognition in the existence of God can – it seems – cause Inflation. Oh and of course, secularism results in cults and the evils of sex education and rock music. I don’t mean to take the piss, but Jesus Christ! This would be enough to make me embarrassed of being a human let alone a Christian.