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December 2007

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BravoNation is a new (invitation only) service from Yahoo! Brickhouse. It’s the brainchild of Gordon Luk (one of the Upcoming founders)… Also to be celebrated are Ernie Hsiung (of LittleYellowDifferent), Nikkil Bob and Kevin Cheng of OKCancel who also worked on the project. Small, agile, fun projects for the win! is a freaky design Read More

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Interesting news if you live in my tiny world – Chad Dickerson is to take over Yahoo Advanced Products from Scott Gatz, bringing him into extreme proximity with the Brickhouse team… Perhaps this is of niche interest, but I’ve always wanted to work with Chad again after our time in Techdev together, and the Hack Read More

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Lovely little BBC News piece on the tenth anniversary of weblogs whichprobably for the first timegets pretty much everything right! In late 1998 they say there were only 23 blogs in the world. By the time I started in late 1999 there were probably somewhere in the high hundreds. Things have changed a lot Read More

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It’s a classic – the Adam & Joe parody of ‘The English Patient’ “God you’re gorgeous! Yes, but my heart is like a stone….” Myth in a New Media World: A fascinating piece on the naming strategy for Fire Eagle Ah, if only. The true reason is much more prosaic. Still it made me laugh. Read More

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dConstruct 2007 podcasts have been posted, including my talk should you be interested. I really need to get up the slides for it. I think the thing is that I spend so much time on my talks that I can’t bear to just use them once. But if the slides are out in public already, Read More

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Dopplr—the social network for frequent travellershas launched and I would recommend that if you’re a conference goer or business type you sign up immediately… Lots of lovely people I respect and love worked on it, and it’s increasingly taking the seed crystal of exposing collisions between people and extrapolating it in all kinds of fascinating Read More

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