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Move along. Nothing to see here…


If you believe I have a reputation at all, then sit comfortable while I abandon all claim to intellectual expertise, skill or insight and instead link to this really nice picture of Tobey Maguire which makes my heart-rate pick up pace and my vision get all weird and blurry…

On Schott’s Original Miscellany


I initially had a few reservations about Schott’s Original Miscellany. After all, wasn’t it just one of those funny fact books that people with knitted loo-roll covers place in the toilet? But when you see it – when you get your hands on it and investigate its pages – everything changes. It feels wonderfully archaic Read More

On a lack of fearlessness in man to man contact…


So through the magic of a constantly updating Google News RSS stream to NetNewsWire1, today I stumbled upon a piece in the Orange County Register called Manly Images. It’s an article about how John Ibsen – a researcher into early photography and masculinity – has discovered that men before the 1930s were much more intimate Read More

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