More 4 “Daily Show” confusion…


So changing the subject away from how great I am for just one minute because frankly it’s all a bit embarrassing, I’m watching the Daily Show on More 4 and suddenly – after a week – it’s gone all Global Edition and I’m crying ‘nooo’ at the screen – even more so when it starts with fragments of the previous week’s programming. WTF! And then three minutes in, pop, Phil Gyford appears dismayed in an IM window: “You watching the Daily Show?
I’ve travelled back in time to last Monday…” Ooooh, More 4. You’re in trouble now… The European metropolitan liberal elite are angry!

Anyway, we can all relax, because apparently – with no flagging or whatsover on the TV – it’s only the Monday episode that’s the Global Edition recap of the previous week. The rest of the week it’s the proper one-day-delayed quality Jon Stewart goodness that we’ve come to love, with none of the partially-digested-for-non-Americans baby brain food that the Monday edition consists of. The online explanation:

“Recorded on weekday evenings before a New York audience, the show will be screened the following night in the UK. Monday’s UK show will feature a round up of the highlights from the previous week, while on Tuesday to Friday nights, the US show from the previous night will be broadcast.”

Quick tip for More 4 controllers – it’s less expensive to tell us first than to deal with all the complaints and queries and confused people ringing up and e-mailing and hanging outside your house burning effigies.

This is so not a proper post. I’m really sorry about the whole thing.