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BP adverts look just like my site!


About a month ago I was watching television and an advert for BP appeared and goddam did their new advertising aesthetic look like my site. Now I’m not seriously suggesting that they ripped off the design of my site, but the synchronicity is pretty astonishing – particularly given that used an exclusively yellow highlight Read More

A few odd bits of detective work…


So after accepting their apology late last night I should probably really let this one lie, but I just thought people might be interested in a couple of updates. I’m going to have a phone conversation with the people from Cohn Wolfe later in the week or next week (quick point of order – nasty Read More

An apology from the Cillit Bang team…


So this afternoon, I got an e-mail which I’m pretty sure is from the team who handle Cillit Bang. I can’t tell for certain because I it’s from someone at, and I don’t know enough about the relationships between these various organisations to be able to say that it’s totally reliable. Anyway, the e-mail Read More

The new craze in text-ads…


Everyone is doing it – the new advertising craze on the internet is the simple text ad [article]. The idea of non-irritating, low-bandwidth, low-cost advertising is clearly very appealing to web-regulars, but whether or not it will actually prove to be particularly successful as a potential revenue stream is still in doubt. I’m watching this Read More

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