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Gay Politics

On the existence of God…


I’m an atheist. I have been for nearly twenty years, and before that I wasn’t really anything – I didn’t really have a position on God vs. No God. I suppose I just hadn’t thought about it properly. I can’t really understand how anyone can be anything other than an atheist, but – despite my Read More

On a lack of fearlessness in man to man contact…


So through the magic of a constantly updating Google News RSS stream to NetNewsWire1, today I stumbled upon a piece in the Orange County Register called Manly Images. It’s an article about how John Ibsen – a researcher into early photography and masculinity – has discovered that men before the 1930s were much more intimate Read More

A few thoughts on Jason Kottke’s post on HIV…


I suppose this is an example where a politically neutral examination the transmission of a viral entity through a network suddenly takes on a huge weight of real-world issues and commentary and ends up looking totally different. Jason Kottke has written an intelligent post about the spread of HIV through the gay community outlining some Read More

Three Stories of The Invisible Poof…


So the story goes like this… A friend of mine who used to work at The Express is talking with some friends in the office. She happens to mention me in conversation. A passing acquaintance of hers stops with a start… “Tom Coates?” she asks… “You know Tom Coates from Time Out?” My friend nods… Read More

A piece of writing from a book about Baudrillard pertaining specifically to Nietszche and history…


I’ve been re-reading a little book on Baudrillard because it’s the only thing that fits in the pocket of my brand new coat (excessive money spent – we’ll say no more about this). In it I’ve stumbled upon a section about Baudrillard’s relationship to history and his debt to Nietszche that really appeals to me. Read More

On Will & Grace…


In the second post on gay issues in a row, Tom decides to take a certain amount of issue with Mark Lawson’s article in the Guardian today on Will & Grace. Tom decides particularly to take issue with this excerpt: Presented as dramatic courage, Jack really represents cowardice, because he’s there as a contrast with Read More

Help your gay children at Christmas…


A few years ago, while at University, I was quite active in gay politics – I was publicity officer at Bristol’s Lesbian and Gay Society for several years. I made some nice posters, and stood in the foyer of student buildings asking people to sign petitions for an equal age of consent. An equal age Read More

Not a real man. Not a real poof.


OK so it’s a standard conversation. You’re out with women and you’re chatting away about someone who’s just fucked them over in some way and they say things like, “All Men are pointless”, or “I’ve never met a man who didn’t like football”. And then you look a little perturbed and say, “Well I’m a Read More

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