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On Minilogue…


Right. Nice and simple request this. I’ve recently been exploring a territory of music that I’m not enormously familiar with. Thanks to Mr Biddulph, I’ve stumbled upon two EPs of minimalist progressive techno group Minilogue which have completely taken over my stereo. There’s a track called Certain Things Around You (Part Two) that I particularly Read More

Apple fix iTunes Ministore howler…


Presumably bowing to pressure, Apple have changed the way that their new integrated ministore functions in iTunes so that now it’s ‘opt-in’ rather than ‘opt-out if you can’. I posted about this situation in a subtly titled post a few days ago – Cynicism and Stupidity at the iTunes Music Store – but it was Read More

Cynicism and stupidity at the iTunes ministore…


Yesterday’s Apple keynote wasn’t enormously exciting, but there were a couple of interesting products. I’m still expecting to buy myself an iMac, but now I’ll be getting one of the way shinier and fast Intel ones. And the MacBook Pro, despite having the dodgiest name ever, is pretty damn shiny. I’ve got a work Powerbook Read More

Who knows where the time goes?


Another quick song recommendation before I’m pulled off to bed. There’s this song by Nina Simone that I’ve been listening to a lot lately which you can get on the Anthology album. It’s called Who Knows Where The Time Goes, and to be honest it’s probably a bit mournful and wistful for most of the Read More

On the BBC Annotatable Audio project…


This post concerns an experimental internal-BBC-only project designed to allow users to collectively describe, segment and annotate audio in a Wikipedia-style fashion. It was developed by the BBC Radio & Music Interactive R&D team – for this project consisting of myself, Tristan Ferne, Chris Bowley, Helen Crowe, Paul Clifford and Bronwyn Van Der Merwe. Although Read More

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