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Reactions to “The Blank Slate” (Part Two)


Some really interesting stuff in Steven Pinker’s The Blank Slate about responsibility, free will and guilt: “When we say that we hold someone responsible for a wrongful act, we expect him to punish himself – by compensating the victim, acquiescing to humiliation, incurring penalties, or expressing credible remorse – and we reserve the right to Read More

Reactions to “The Blank Slate” (Part One)


I’m currently reading Steven Pinker’s The Blank Slate – recently published in paperback. Even though I’m only a fraction of the way through it, I can already recommend it. Part of me is prejudiced, of course. During the time I was failing to complete my doctorate, I spent a lot of time working with Freud. Read More

On America, Science and Fundamentalist Christianity…


Probably the one thing I understand least about America is its relationship with religion. American is a country that (i) is particularly known for not being hide-bound by convention in science or business and (ii) often demonstrates an astonishing (and often laudable) amount of bombast and rule-breaking in both domestic and foreign-affairs. How then can Read More

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