Football, weblog moods and stuff…

A couple of things to talk about today. Where shall we begin? Um.

Guess what! About bloody time…
The new issue of The Invisibles is out. Tremendous news all round. Annotations, discussion, barbelith gets very exciting at these times of the month…

Weblog mood and it’s relationship to daily page views
So what is the relationship between mood and page views? I have been analysing this over the last couple of weeks and have come to the conclusion that no one wants to read people being depressed. Or at least the people that DO want to read about people being depressed are slightly scary.

Let’s put my theory to the test:

Cheery Logs:
absolute piffle
lemon yellow
mood swings

Naughty Logs:
eatonweb blog
have browser will travel

Sad/Cross Logs:
damn dirty ape

What’s this football thing about then, eh?
I went to watch the football. I didn’t understand how anyone could get so excited. Lost on me completely. I tried to explain to the assembled masses that if the players had handlebar moustaches, smoking jackets, armchairs and muskets, the game would be both more civilised and more entertaining. They resolutely refused to see reason.

Exciting new retail opportunities…
Seems you can buy anything on the net nowadays. Do you have a Zombie? Do you need a brain? is for you…

My link to the great trans-cultural overmind has been severed. I still have TV, but since I am never in I have to use my VCR. But today I find that it doesn’t work and many episodes of TV series have been eaten. I don’t feel as liberated as perhaps I should. I need a new VCR.