Blogger on drugs…

Blogger is wacked out on drugs and speed. Whoa baby – watch that new, intricate and clever interface do its thing. Woof.

There’s this quote in Heathers (the film with Christian Slater) which goes something like “Now I use my high IQ to decide what colour lip-gloss to wear”. If you added to that discussions about inter-racial relationships and cultural stereotyping in Star Trek, you might have some idea of how far I have fallen over the last couple of years. Kudos to Nick to listening to me ramble on last night.

Red Meat appeals to the cynic in me, but is somehow unfulfilling. There’s something too easy about most of it. You know – not quite biting enough. Having said that, this one is pretty lovely…

The non corporate poll has got into silly money as the crew blast it with infinite votes. I can’t really be cross since it isn’t a competition. Still it is a funny thing to do with your time.

In the interests of fairness, here’s a few words about a few of the other sites that you should look up if you get a chance: Pixel Junkie is an elegantly designed site (rebuilt a couple of weeks ago) itself filled with links to sites of a similar classy standard. Much recommended. Soulflare takes design completely away from the technocracy of much online work towards a much more fluid, photo-impressionist style (forgive me if I get a bit florid here). A series of rotating exhibitions demonstrate some of the most intelligent work you will find on the net.

On an altogether more amusing note: for those of you who live in London check out pages 4,6 and 44 of the latest issue of Time Out. Advertrasharama.