Design plague apocalypse…

Why is it that I always seem to do my best design on other people’s sites? It’s only small, but check out the new student guide button on Time Out‘s site. I think it came out rather well.

Plague remains on periphery. Hopefully I will fight it off before it gets a chance to get a foothold. At least today is my last day at work before Christmas – so I can spend tonight watching TV in bed and wrapping presents. Easy, warm, health-producing activities.

There’s this wonderful thing in Baudrillard where he says that it is dull to think of the world as approaching an apocalypse, but much more interesting to work on the principle that it has already happened. There’s this wonderful thing in Grant Morrison’s work in which he talks about how the spiritual armageddon has come and gone and the physical world is just taking a long time to catch up. These ideas appeal to me. But as Y2K approaches, I can’t help wondering whether or not we will all be hunter gatherers in the months ahead. For more see