I missed a day…

I missed a day. That hasn’t happened for ages. Perhaps I am suffering from the apparently catching weblogger flu… [Powazek feels bad][Kottke was sick]

Quick bit of politics. Imagine British party politics as two weights, one arranged on the right wing and one on the left wing of a finely tuned set of scales. Traditionally, as one party moved further out on its wing, the other party either had to extend itself similarly down its wing or gather more support in the middle. We now have a new model, as the party that moves further and further to the right sheds voters and MPs, while the party on the centre left has a quick lie down and a glass of port.

It’s a strange state of affairs when even Tories think their party is too right-wing

I was going to suggest some links from people who hate Christmas. Yahoo has a reasonably decent selection of pretty average sites made by people who hate Christmas. But I don’t hate it – not really – I just hate the inconvenience and responsibility which I feel when it starts to approach. It would be better if Christmas really was a holiday – but families are hardly holidays – in fact quite often quite the opposite.

Still it will be nice to see my brother, who as ever I miss terribly…

No word from potential main squeeze as yet. There probably won’t be any unless either I make the effort or the New Year approaches.