Classic Coates…

I have been looking over sites that I built nearly a year ago now, and I can’t help thinking that they were rather better than the crap I am building at the moment. I mean The Bomb looks pretty hot, but started around that time, I still think The Nexus looks like complete arse (particularly when compared with and Barbelith itself is little more than a gaudy stopgap.

So to help myself get myself back on form I have decided to upload one of my older projects Fin de Siecle to the site – it probably won’t be updated any more in its current form (it was far far too much work), but hopefully it will inspire me to get around to rebuilding it, and the other parts of the site that are in desperate need. Whatever happened to Microlith, Dice Man etc etc? Well – I need about four months off work to get them up and running as well!

So go and check out the old Fin de Siecle and let me know what you think of it. I’ll try and get the new one up and running sometime before July… (!)