Post-Millennial Fall-out…

I am at home today writing epinions and thinking. It’s been a funny month/year/decade/century/millennium so far – in fact in many ways it has been downright unpleasant. A lot of my friends are reporting the same feeling of being lost, almost desperate for ‘something’. I wonder if we wanted things resolved before the new year that just couldn’t be resolved, and now we are coping with the fallout from our clumsy attempts to resolve them. To those of you who feel the edges of a spiritual apocalypse – good luck.

Word used to be a visually and intellectually stimulating place to be. Now I must confess I can’t be bothered to read it. The knock-off Yahoo! look is so offensively dull when divorced from the pure functionality of the directory itself that it actively discourages me from reading the articles. Powazek is getting quite heated about their designers, and I have to say that generally I pretty much agree with him.