Evhead, Jason, Katy and more…

According to Evhead, Jason is wearing a cool t-shirt with a body tag on the front and an end body tag on the back (if this means nothing to you it means that you are a dinosaur and will be unemployable within a year). Jason mentions the very same thing on his site – he is apparently wearing this shirt-of-almighty-cool. However, as far as I can tell, he hasn’t done a stroke of work all day, which means I haven’t been able to see him, which means no glimpse of astonishing clothing artefact. Very depressing.

Once upon a time there was this girl called Katy, and I met her at this thing that the ******** ** **.*****.**.** were having in London (it’s a geek thing, and I am too embarrassed to go into details – see if you can guess). Anyway – it was my first IRL meeting with people I had met online and I thought everyone would be a complete freak. Needless to say, they weren’t – and Katy has fast become one of my premièe online friends. Today she directed me towards a really cool thing that another online foxtress (Zannah) has put together: windoze 2000.