Notes on blogs, riothero, Barbelith et al

How self-referential is this? Blogging Blogger just to say congrats to riothero who should be very proud of himself for getting himself noticed by them in charge, thus progressing nicely down the path of web-celebrity-hood.

He dropped me a note to ask whether or not he should go to SXSWInteractive in Austin. I didn’t really know what to say – I don’t know what the atmosphere would be like. Anyone who knows whether or not a 15-year old web wunderkind would fit in should drop him a note.

Still wavering over whether or not I will be able to attend myself – if anyone fancies crushing my anti-establishment demeanor under the boot-heel of sponsorship then I would probably consider it. In the meantime there is always SXSWb to read – the community weblog for the event.

The Nexus, you will be glad to hear, seems to be working again – although not without the odd judder and near-collapse. Still no idea what is going on.

I’m taking a couple of days off work to rebuild Barbelith. I have lots of cool ideas, but I have been suffering web-designers block for almost a year now. [Sites like vitaflo don’t help. Bloody talented arseholes.] Only Jack Fear’s tough love approach (“build that site you pussy boy”-esque) managed to get me to rebuild the site last time. Can I do it by myself?

Is going to the gym evil? I have been attending occasionally for the last six months or so, but I am now confronted with the possibility of joining for a full year at a hugely discounted rate. But it seems somehow immoral. I can’t decide.

Final note to Kerry. Get a grip man. xx