On feelings of loss…

Complex studies have revealed the least visited page on It is, I suppose unsurprisingly, a page on fin de siècle, an old site of mine that I have only recently reloaded, and which at the moment is only accessible from this page. Look for the entry for February the 3rd. You could be the third person ever to have seen it!

I have actually just returned home from an evening out attempting to distract myself from incumbent life crises. Today has, in many ways, been one long attempt at distraction – not all of it successful. I’ll be more honest than I probably should be in saying that I have never felt such loss about a ex-lover before. So anyway – in order to take my mind off things I have gone to see Toy Story 2, spent the afternoon shopping for Minidisc players and the evening drinking trashy Barcardi Breezers in a friend’s house in Kensal Rise. It is now 1am and I haven’t had to think about anything for almost twelve and a half hours. I am horrified to confess that this is one hell of an accomplishment.