Randomwalks, Little brother and Not Going To Popstarz…

This is the nattiest little feature I have seen on a blog in a long time. Look up in the top right hand corner of RandomWalks and you will see a little check-box. If you select it, all links on the page open in a new window. If you don’t select it, then they open in the same window. The whole sordid question resolved in one elegant move.

My mother and brother came and visited me for lunch yesterday. My family lives in Norfolk, which is a two and half hour train journey from London, so they don’t visit that often. Yet again I realised how much I miss my brother when he’s not around.

Tonight is a Friday night, and for the last month that has meant a trip to Popstarz in King’s Cross to bounce around and flirt with people. This week however, that is not going to happen. Last week’s thing is too fresh in my mind for me to even think about it. But I have to think of something to do otherwise I’ll brood. Perhaps I’ll go and see The Bachelor – although epinions of it seem rather mixed. Or perhaps I’ll stay at home and order my first pizza online (Domino’s) and watch Buffy and Angel on TV. That normally cheers me up.