Talented Mr Ripley…

Liz and I went to see The Talented Mr Ripley. It was a strange film in many ways – the pacing seemed really off, the film overlong and many of the characters acted in a rather implausible fashion. A while ago people were talking Oscar nominations, but it would really be an injustice if it got any. Having said that, Matt Damon acted superbly and Jude Law just oozed charisma. I guess one of my particular weirdnesses with the film was that it was about this gay guy called Tom who kills lots of people. Which is like me, apart from the killing bit.

I have fixed the Javascript error that people were getting when they tried to use the Dreamweaver generated rollovers – I had to replace them completely with a piece of tried-and-true code. Unfortunately in the process I made it easy enough to follow dead internal links that I haven’t built yet. Keep saying to yourself, “It’s not shoddy, It’s a collaborative experience in the process of web design”. Of course it would be much quicker if I didn’t have to work all day at