The daily weight of idealism…

Today’s choice of news/music is inspired by a mood of self-doubt, insecurity and incumbent paranoia. At lunch I went to Virgin and noticed that John Lennon’s “Imagine” has been re-released (at least in the UK) in a digitally remastered format. I listened to it, and it really matched my current mood – Jealous Guy, How Do You Sleep and particularly Crippled Inside. The aspirational songs – Imagine for one – meant absolutely nothing to me for the first time in my life.

My sudden feeling of connection with Lennon couldn’t come at a more difficult time for his memory. The papers today have been dripping with the news that he donated money to the IRA and Marxist groups in the UK and America. The BBC‘s angle is that the information might be innaccurate despite Lennon’s feelings of solidarity with the IRA during the 60s and after Bloody Sunday. In retrospect it’s pretty easy to see any affiliation with the IRA as ill-advised and dangerous – but at the time… Well – I don’t know what I think, to be honest. As to the Marxist stuff – all power to him! While I might view communism as a rather bloated dinosaur (only slightly more bloated than capitalism, I fear), I have great respect for any man who lives under the daily weight of idealism. There’s loads more information at