Idle thoughts…

The idea of web queeries is really growing on me (now if only I could do something about the name). I’m beginning to see the possibilites of this new form of journalism – a weblog that publishes important and entertaining news and is edited/researched by a variety of people, most of whom will never have met one another. I think when I made the leap from thinking about it in terms of personal content and more towards comment and news, the whole idea made much more sense to me.

No one seems to have got my Voyager reference yesterday, which is probably a good thing to be honest, as I’m sure enough of you think I am a geek as it is. There’s this episode in which Captain Janeway, the slightly jowly woman with the squeeky voice (and rather ‘hands-on’ approach to interstellar diplomacy) has been being attacked by a race called the Krenim (or something like that). As the cast all rock backwards and forwards in stylised “starship been shot at” ways, Janeway scowls and then remarks to herself, “this is turning into the Week of Hell”.

The joke? The episode has the rather less optimistic title “Year of Hell”. Let’s hope I am not similarly ill-fated.