Weird stuff…

I don’t know if this is dodgy practice of not, but I’ve checked the other nominees, and at least one of them is doing it as well. Vote for Barbelith’s Xenolith weblog as Pyra’s Blog of the week.

Queer as Folk 2 may have ended with a few slightly odd moments – the revolving car, day turning into night, the epic speech of Stuart Jones – but I haven’t felt as invigorated after a TV program since, well since Queer as Folk 1. This whole episode felt like Thelma and Louise, only with a more uplifting ending. I’d be interested in hearing everyone’s opinion about it.

I have had a really interesting conversation with prolific on the subject of my comments yesterday (writing about friends). Needless to say, our conversation was both thought-provoking and entertaining. She’s using humanclick technology which I tried out a while ago. At the time I couldn’t see why it had advantages over a normal chatroom, but I may be changing my mind.

Final thing for now: G L I F F writes: “Let’s hear it for barbelith, the only openly gay weblogger, (as far as I know, anyway).” I’m terribly flattered to be mentioned at all, but you should all be aware of which includes a whole lesbian and gay weblogger portal. There’s some really good stuff there…