"You are not a designer…"

Someone at work today would not let me express my opinion about the navigation scheme of a site that I am connected with, because – and I quote – “You are not a designer”. I was incredibly frustrated by this statement. It’s true that I have no formal design background, and I am merely a self-taught HTML coder, but I honestly believe I could make a living from freelance web-site design. If there are any professional and/or freelance designers out there who could let me know if I am deluding myself or not, it would be greatly appreciated.

Anyway, enough about the frustrations of work. Pretty much every day I go and visit riothero‘s site. After my post yesterday about my heroes (about which I got a very nice e-mail from Mr Powazek himself), he posted a message to his site about the possibility of us collaborating on his new site – (not live as yet). I started thinking about it immediately and have been considering it all day. And the answer is – let’s do it!

The Oscar nominations came out yesterday, which cheered me up quite a lot, as I had invested in a good number of the films concerned at HSX. I was, however, disappointed that Wes Bentley wasn’t nominated for Best Supporting Actor. I know he’s young, but his performance was incredibly assured.