Brief Life Summary…

Brief life summary: DRINKING TOO MUCH BEER AND VODKA. This will be the third night in a row that I have ended up in Point 101 (Tottenham Court Road tube, under Centrepoint). I am going to get a disgusting beer belly and then no one will want me.

Riothero redesigned. Mark’s rolling design project reached a height today, when the background kicked in, dragging a simple orange table structure into the 21st century. And another thing – what other weblogger would post urgently: “Jesus Christ! I’m sexy!”…

Not that I care (I was instructed not to), but I am really glad to see that Barbelith has finally resurfaced on’s weblog ratings.

There’s some argument going on around the weblogs about bloat. I haven’t really been following it, but apparently it’s quite interesting.