Oscar 2000 Moments…

Oscar 2000 Moments

  1. Billy Crystal combining the shower scene from American Beauty with the shower scene from Psycho.
  2. Jack Nicholson being in every single reaction shot, leering like an octogenarian lech.
  3. That weird woman who ran through the auditorium at the beginning and sat on Clint Eastwoord.
  4. Almost no screen time for Gwyneth Paltrow, and when there was some she looked like she was having a right old strop.
  5. My mate Tara being thanked in Sam Mendes Oscar speech.
  6. Annette Benning winning absolutely nothing despite everyone else around her (her co-cast, her husband, her unborn child) being showered in accolades.
  7. Warren Beatty being unable to form coherent sentences during his acceptance speech.
  8. Angelina Jolie having really weird hair and some kind of unsavoury relationship with her brother.
  9. The South Park creators arriving in Gwyneth-drag.
  10. Robin Williams singing “Blame Canada” with thousands of short-skirted mounties…

It’s a bit of a blur to me. Oscars ended 6.30am GMT. I arrive at work 10.00am GMT. I need a drink.

<MikeWOIFM> Puce? is puce a good color? Or how about Barbelith Orange?
<zannah> i though puce was a purpleish
<MikeWOIFM> I was presenting options.
<Anita> puce isn’t websafe
<nullJason> puce isn’t safe, period.
<Anita> puce is maroonish red — means “flea”
<zannah> puce is cute.
<nullJason> I thought it was greenish.
<MikeWOIFM> puce is certainly not safe to wash with whites.
<John_metajohn> puce sounds like what I would do after eating one of Mikes roadkill pancakes. [courtesy of null]

When I was at University, I was told once to always start with a quote. And I’m even in this one. I’m like one of those names on paint sampler cards – “Barbelith Orange”. How satisfying is that…