Gripe of the Day Today's

Gripe of the Day
Today’s gripe comes to you courtesy of My problem with this otherwise beautiful site is in the irritating lack of cross-browser compatible CSS. I’m using Netscape on a PC at the moment and the text is completely unreadable. And I don’t mean “eye-straining”, I mean so small that the pixels can’t even accurately render the individual letters. On a personal site, of course, it is never more than slightly irritating. But I have seen the same problem all over corporate sites (particularly when you are also considering different platforms) and it really isn’t very good.

Gratuitous Self-Referential Weblog Reference of the Day
I found the i2design link through riothero, who every regular visitor to barbelith has heard about more than once. I just wanted to say that I haven’t forgotten about the collaboration I said I’d do with him on, and as soon as I am settled I will start work on it in earnest. By the way Mark, don’t you get cold? Put a woolly jumper on old chap!

Most Ridiculously Embarrassing Thing of All Time
So you’re wandering around with a young gentleman you might be relatively keen on, and he decides to duck back to your office with you. And then you decide to show him the view from the 7th floor of a tall building in the centre of London because he’s an architect and he might like to see them finish the roof of the British Museum. And then he wants to see what’s on the other side of the building so you think, maybe I should take him up to the roof so he can see more. And then he decides he fancies a quick kiss, which is nice. And then you go back to work. And then ten minutes later you are informed that an entire department of the company you work for was watching a reflection of everything you did in the mirrored building opposite. And then you collapse in embarrassment. This happened to a friend of mine. It did not happen to me…