"Hi, my name's Tom. I'm

“Hi, my name’s Tom. I’m ringing … this is quite hard for me … ok … right … I’m ringing because … I have a sad … ridiculous … teenage crush on … Wes Bentley. Can you help? … um … hello?”

I’ll admit it. I loved The Matrix as much as any other red-blooded gentleman, and I am excited about the prospect of another two films. Otherwise why would I have invested so much imaginary money into them at Over the last couple of months, my fascination has waned a little however, only to be rediscovered when I stumbled upon an article which confirms that Carrie Anne Moss is going to be in the new films as well. She’s the last of the mainstays of the first film to sign on. And that is just the first part of the rumourfest… God, I’m such a nerd.

Someone should start a site about dead blogs. I mean – once they’re out of date, they are mostly pretty pointless things. And there are a great many dead blogs. The scariest fact? That a blog can be dead after as little as two weeks without an update. Cases in point: Carpe Diem [ironic name], Vision Thing [brought to you by the number 3] and Commblog [it’s all about Marketing].