I'm in a much cheerier

I’m in a much cheerier mood today, but I still can’t really focus properly – everything I try to write spirals out of control. So (as you can probably see) I am restricting myself to short snippets of interest (ooooh – a traditional weblog) rather than my usual vaguely coherent longer posts.

A few days ago, Zeldman mentioned me in his daily log. At the time this came as a pleasant surprise, but more and more over the last few days it has started to encroach on my mind. I am in a more paranoid space than I have been for months, but I have started wondering why he would want to read my shambling missives. I honestly don’t understand it. And of course it doesn’t help when he goes and declares war on Microsoft. Now I’m actually scared of him. And what kind of person is not only mentioned in important articles, but has those articles screencapped for the product demos of huge companies? I mean – the man’s got to be some kind of superhuman godlike uberman.