Does NetSol sell information on domain name searches?

I’m continuing my quest to discover whether Netsol is selling information on the domain name searches performed through its service. I’ve had a few e-mails from people who are divided in opinion as to whether I am being paranoid or not. However I stumbled upon a figure that slightly alarmed me. In an article at CBS Marketwatch there was this statement:

“In the first quarter, we saw astounding acceleration in ‘.com,’ ‘.net’ and ‘.org’ domain-name registrations worldwide, as total new market registrations grew 120 percent from the previous quarter,” said Jim Rutt, chief executive officer [of NetSol]. “In fact, more than one-third of all existing ‘.com,’ ‘.net’ and ‘.org’ domain names were registered in the first quarter of 2000.”

So I suppose the race is on. If you have some names you want, buy them now. You may not get another chance. [Discuss]