LEWD, the London Elite Weblogging

LEWD, the London Elite Weblogging Detachment that I alluded to a few days ago is beginning to come together. Or at least it seems likely that it is – people seem to have been rather flummoxed by my complete lack of contact details. Sorry to not so soft, LEWD blog #1. Daily Doozer is also trying to start some kind of IRL weblogger meeting, which I am more than up for. Perhaps it can become the basis for WXW1 (West by West One), Katy’s idea to compete with those American chappies and their SXSW.

Dull weblogger? Take a life altering pill and become more vibrant and throbbing. was the only site that picked up on my challenge to spice up a blog, and even then, well:

“There are a few [weblogs] that are genuinely dull.” Thanks, Tom. Webloggers all over the world are now thinking, gosh, I hope I’m not dull.

Just for fun, and because I am terribly proud of (most of) them, here are a few buttons I recently designed for

Oh and one last thing! Mark! What on earth are you talking about?

“I had a randon ICQ message the other day, asking me what kind of shampoo I use. Stupid question, right? But the more I’ve thought
about it, the less stupid it became. I *KNOW* people by their scent. If Tom was to use Herbal Essence
instead of my suspected Head and Shoulders, he’d be a totally different man than I thought him to be.”

The scariest thing is that I actually don’t even know what shampoo I use. At the moment I am stealing odds and ends off my flatmates. That could mean anything. Particularly as I don’t have a sense of smell. I could be dousing myself in a great big girlie “flowers and ponies” kind of shampoo. Ick. Gross. Note to self: Go To Boots. Buy Shampoo. And Shaving Cream. And Light-Bulbs.