Meeting up with Mark Olynciw…

Mark asked:

“Tom, Katy? What do Brits do on July 4th? This year, instead of shutting yourselves indoors and mourning the loss of this wonderful land I’m presently standing on… How would you like to meet ME? I’ll be in London, England this summer on July 4th, the American Independance Day… that’s funny in so many ways…”

British people don’t do anything particularly special on July 4th! That’s supposedly the day that you colonial types won your freedom from us cruel European overlords. For some reason, we don’t feel any particular need to celebrate that fact. Although every American themed bar in the country gets all jazzed up. And all the Americans do too. We look at them with raised eyebrows, in an indulgent fashion. As for meeting up – that sounds really cool! Why will you be here, again!? Oh and while we are at it, what an earth are you doing up at three in the morning?