Oh Lord, won't you buy me…

Does anyone want to buy me a computer? In my two months of homelessness, I have used net cafe computers only. And now I finally set up my own computer and it seems like I have stepped back about eight years in time. I don’t think I can handle it. The most terrifying thing about it is how much I dislike it being a PC. I have been a PC user for nearly ten years now. TEN YEARS. I made all those Mac jokes about how they were crappy and shoddy and boring and pointless and ugly. And now I find myself desperately pining for the sexiest G4 on the planet. I mean just look at it. I can’t stop drooling!

It worked for – they’ve got Apple sponsorship – so why can’t it work for me? I’m a shameless prostitute. I’ll have myself tattooed with the Apple insignia. I’ll do anything, goddammit… So this is a blanket call to the world out there: –

Oh Lord, Won’t You Buy Me an Apple G4
My friends all have PCs
I don’t know what for

I’ve built many websites
But now I’m in awe
Oh Lord, Won’t You Buy Me An Apple G4