Quotes from Barbelith…

Quotes from my current favourite threads on the Barbelith Underground:

  • Manifesto
    “It seems to me that it is indeed this action of destabilising categories, proliferating categories and generating diversity that will produce a more interesting world. In a sense I want a revolution continually on the brink of orgasm which never comes and slumps back temporarily satisfied. I am interested in a TANTRIC revolution, that lasts continually and generates a completely different way of being…”
  • God’s Name is Pi
    “Consider this: the 16th letter of greek is Pi- hence the equation,and is related to the sun the 16th letter of hebrew is ayin and related to the suns and its rays(16 of em) and the runes 16th stone (predecesor to latin) the rune is related to the sun…”
  • Revolution Is Bad
    “Individuality is over. From here on in, crazy freethinking hipster revolutionaries are strictly impersonal, free-flowing mutant energy fluxes. Like Deleuze said, “Felix and I, and many others like us, don’t feel we’re persons exactly. Our individuality is rather that of events, which isn’t making any grand claim, given that [events] can be modest and microscopic”…”