A Campaign for a Better Blog…

Mark at (notice the absence of link) said:

“I hope you see that this ISN’T like high school. I DON’T go to less popular weblogs and laugh… I DON’T pull Tom’s [Ed: ME!] pants down and whisper ‘Ner Ner Ner’ in his ear…. I DON’T care what the community thinks of me… and to prove this, I’ll quit defending myself.”

Ooooh. I think this little chicken’s getting too big for his boots… But what can YOU do? Mark bases his entire world view upon’s Weblog Ratings – which is a very dangerous thing to do, because…

  1. For a period of THREE DAYS (that’s until the weekend) DO NOT LINK TO MARK. At that stage, reinstate your love for him and his alter-ego Candy the Online Stripper. Just for a couple of days: Let Him Know What Side His Bread Is Buttered….
  2. In the meantime, help promote Metafilter and any other prominent / interesting weblogs listed.
  3. Send Mark an e-mail explaining that we all think he is really nice, but that he has CLEARLY … GONE … INSANE …

To get the ball rolling: I LOVE YOU ZANNAH!