Odds and ends of news…

  • This would be very cool if it were true. Is it true?
  • I haven’t really been talking about what’s been going on in my life at all for the last couple of weeks. After seeing Max again, my composure and ability to form coherent sentences (and not shout at people for no reason and work effectively – well – pretty much everything really), kind of collapsed. And of course various people chose this as the perfect opportunity to tell me what a bad person I am, and being unable to control any kind of impulse I might have whatsoever, I was pretty short with them. Things are getting better now though, although it seems logical that I shouldn’t be seeing certain people for a decent amount of time (until around the heat-death of the universe I should think).
  • I am this close to having my webcam set up.
  • I am going to be 28 in just over two weeks and I am mildly freaking out about it. I’ve been playing with Yahoo!‘s invitation service, which actually works really quite well if all your friends have e-mail, which of course mine do.
  • Evil Michael came around for a drink yesterday and the first things he said about my new flat were: “The kitchen’s twee, isn’t it?”, and “Of course, I would need a larger place…” – he did subsequently prove to be quite a pleasant guest, however…
  • Went to the gym yesterday, and was horrified to see that pretty much everyone from my office was there. All of them. Good Christ.