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On Adding Functionality to Blogger…

On 23/6/00 3:16 pm, Matthew Kingston at wrote:


You use Blogger for your weblog, right? I’m wondering if you’ve seen my “Blogger Comments Manifesto” ( and have any thoughts about Blogger and comment systems.

Matt of

On 23/6/00 9:32 pm, Tom Coates replied:

It’s certainly a very interesting subject. Personally I am interested in seeing Blogger become an online content management system that is flexible enough to handle the updating of different types of sites. But more of that later…

A comments tag would also certainly be useful, but one things occurs to me that might be worrying. How much information might your system be asking Pyra to store? Assuming that more people read and comment on the weblog than actually write the log originally, each log would at least double in size (or more accurately the less visited logs would increase a small amount, while the larger ones would become basically 9/10s comment based). I don’t know what their business model is, so I couldn’t comment on how much bandwidth and disk space they are prepared to pay for without recompense. It seems to me that it has to be a finite amount.

As I said earlier, I personally see the future of Blogger as being a way to manage content for a variety of different types of site based around the same principles as it does now for webloggers. More in depth types of sites, or commercial ones could require a subscription fee, while the weblog template could be free as a taster. Certainly the uptake on Blogger seems to be enough to warrant a more sophisticated, less simple and more expensive version. I mean – I pay for the ubb as it is, and that is certainly nowhere near as flexible and pleasant-to-use a tool as blogger.

An example close to my heart: A magazine site for example would be a prime market for an expanded blogger-based system and is something that I am going to attempt to generate shortly using a good few fudges of my own and a little too much hand-coding. But what I would really love is the ability to write an article with a title, and then define a separate template for a home page or category pages which would then render some taster content and a link through to the article itself, combined with an archive that allows one to list things by title rather than just date.

This would be extraordinarily useful for people who wished to generate webzines (like, for example, ME).