How we spent our evening with Mark…

Hmmm. Katy‘s version of how we spent the evening with Mark and Vance is a little overblown in the fantasy stakes, I fear! A more balanced description of the evening would be:

  • Having met them both at Tottenham Court Road, Katy and I took them to Soho, which is the most relaxed and liberal place in London, being the centre of the film industry, tv industry as well as being London’s theatre district and centrally located near to Leicester Square, Chinatown and Piccadilly Circus. Parts of Soho have a slightly seedy reputation, but we decided that being shown around responsibly by two adults would effectively remove the possibility of the two scallywags getting into mischief. It’s also one of the best places in London to find outdoor cafés.
  • We took them to a shop called Paradiso Bodyworks to see how they would react. There was no age restriction on being let in, but they looked pretty embarrassed so we removed them. It was very amusing.
  • We went out for dinner, where we stuffed ourselves on vast amounts of food, including Blackened Salmon, Eggs Benedict, Chicken Cous Cous, Chocolate Pudding and Bannoffee Pie. I gave Mark a copy of an Invisibles comic book, because he had specifically asked for it. Still waiting to hear what he thought of it.
  • Katy and I had two cocktails each. Vance and Mark had diet coke because they are Americans and Americans don’t understand that only girls drink Diet Coke. Then they had some water.
  • We talked at great length about which webloggers we read and whose designs we liked best, and then talked more about SXSW
  • On the way between Covent Garden and the restaurant in Soho where we ate, we passed the Raymond Revue Bar. We took a couple of pictures of them outside it.
  • We found a trashy souvenir shop in Soho which sold things like Princess Diana paper weights and London snowglobes. Katy bought them both tiny beer mugs and a pen.
  • Ended up in the Trocadero where I kicked Vance’s ass at some fighting game, and then trounced Mark and Vance at a racing game. I rock.
  • We stuck them in a taxi at ten past ten and went and had a rather sorrowful drink at TGI Fridays. It was a cool evening…

PS: Tom thinks Jerwin is pretty cool, actually.