On Birthdays and The Patriot…

God. There is just so much I want to get through today, and there just isn’t the slightest chance I am going to manage it. Potted summary of a couple of things:

  • Birthday
    Oh god. I’m 28 on Wednesday. The fact horrifies me so completely it’s untrue. Anyway, I had a party on Saturday night which was really strange but quite entertaining. I don’t know that I have much to say about it though. Um. Nope.

  • Interviewed by The Evening Standard
    Yesterday evening I went to be interviewed by a reporter for London’s Evening Standard, who was doing an article on weblogs and weblogging for the IT section. Katy is going to be interviewed as well, to get a “woman’s eye view”. I wonder if there actually is any difference between the genders in the weblogging stakes. It’s never even occurred to me. Anyway – we talked about a lot of weblogs – she knew a lot about the subject, but I’m afraid that my e-vangelical (sorry about the 90s style pun) enthusiasm about the web might have bored her slightly! Two full tapes (both sides) in her dictaphone later (and only one vodka and tonic) we finally part company. I told her if she wrote anything mean then I’d post her name, address and e-mail address up on the site and we’d go and sort her out. I was kidding of course…

  • The Patriot
    I went to see this film finally, thinking that it couldn’t be possibly as bad as the English papers said that it was. It couldn’t be that offensive. Afterwards I went straight over to IMDB and wrote a scathing review of the film. Just in case they don’t publish it, here it is in full:

    I’ve never seen a film with such astonishing revisionist tendencies as The Patriot. Its slamming of the child-eating, church-burner, deviant British is pure racism, and based on eschewing American cultural responsibility for things like slavery. In the film the claymationalike Gabriel says something facetious like, “we are fighting for a new world, and things will be new in it, not like that silly old old world where they have slavery. we’ll not have any of that in the good old US of A”…
    The fact that the British outlawed slavery forty years before America apparently means nothing. And the fact that when the country actually got around to it they actually had to have another whole war because one side really wanted to keep African Americans in chains – these things mean nothing to the creators of the Patriot, who are only interested in playing the evil, corrupt, power crazed, racist big monarchist bad guys against the simple farmer folk who love black people and freedom and don’t really even WANT to fight and who are actually Australian in upbringing.
    As films go, this one is insulting to all concerned, and particularly insulting to history and vague formless notions like TRUTH and JUSTICE (and through association, we would LIKE to assume, the American way)…

  • HSX
    Speaking of movie-related stuff, they have finally gotten around to redesigning HSX which is good. It’s still my favourite way of filling in a spare half hour or so, and I have so far managed to extend my initial $2 million investment up to a respectable $24 million. And all that without being in the country to feel the buzz on upcoming films…

  • Meg 14 July
    And I thought everything had been resolved