On Tom's Fucked Up Dream Life…

Tom’s Fucked Up Dream Life [the first in a series]: So I’m lying on this bed, fully clothed, half buried under a pile of cushions, with Pacey Witter (from Dawson’s Creek, also fully clothed) using me as a pillow. He’s talking to Dawson (also fully clothed – sheesh – you guys have dirty minds), who is at the other end of the bed. They are discussing whether or not they’ve ever had a same sex experience in this slightly “Dare you!” kind of way. I am really relaxed but completely fascinated by the nape of Pacey’s neck and the warmth that his body is putting out.

Then suddenly, for no reason at all, I am outside the house, where it is raining heavily and night. I am on some kind of quick provisions foray, trying to find something. At a tiny roundabout I stop and ask a policeman the way back. But as I try to return, the hill gets incredibly steep and I suddenly get this overwhelming conviction that I have accidentally killed someone in some kind of automotive accident, and that I ran away and no one knows. Consumed by guilt I try to return to the house, but the hill keeps getting steeper and steeper and it begins to rain more and more heavily, and there is wind and more wind and darkness and noise and I suddenly wake up still convinced that I had a car accident and killed someone and feeling strangely cheated by my Pacey dream.