So I spent last night

So I spent last night watching Queer as Folk 2 [I love you Blackstar] with Mella, which made me want to go and blow up cars again, move to America and threaten people with guns. Before we decided on QAF though, we were considering watching The Breakfast Club, which we had purchased a couple of days beforehand. It’s one of Mella’s favourite absolute favourite films. I wonder how she’d feel about the threatened remake.

Personally I think that it would have to be considerably more sophisticated and nuanced a film to work today – particularly after the parody on Dawson’s Creek. And of course, the recent plethora of TV and film projects involving teenagers has spiralled since its lapse in the late 80s. Films like American Pie have already partially (re-)debunked the stereotypes of teenagers (geek, jock, brain, princess). Questions for the morning: Does a new Breakfast Club even have a role to play any more? If it does, can Alyson be in it?