Ways to really piss people

Ways to really piss people off [courtesy of my boss]…

  1. Do a check for Shockwave before letting someone into your site. If they don’t have it, tell them to fuck off. Otherwise let them into the site. Where, of course, there is no shockwave or flash. Snigger slightly.
  2. Run a banner ad on your site. When someone clicks on it, trigger a pop-up with this message inside it: “Banner ads typically get less than 1% click-thrus, what makes you so particularly lame as to be one of them?” Feel smug.
  3. Do a page extolling the virtues of Explorer but only make it work on Netscape browsers on the grounds that 95% of the population knows this already and doesn’t need to read it. Laugh maniacally.
  4. Start a large corporate site which grabs your e-mail address when you enter a non-existing competition and sells it to evil far-eastern spamming organisations. Build a secret underground base to feel superior in…