10. Expectations about the X-men premiere…

10 On this evening:

I don’t feel as excited as perhaps I should do, although I certainly feel slightly apprehensive. Tonight is the big night – the “gala” première of X-men followed by the post-première party in North London. I’m going with a friend from University, whose birthday is this coming weekend. It just seemed like the right thing to do. He’s wandering around town at the moment finding something swish to wear – it says dress “sharp” on the invitations.

This is the second one of these things I’ve been too (thanks to Katy for taking me to the first), and it’s still exciting. There really is a sensation of pretending to be famous (just for a few moments) while you are wandering down the path up to the cinema with crowds of people squished up against the metal fences they put up. Part of me wishes that I went to enough of these things to accidentally become a C-list celebrity. And why? Because maybe then I’d get invited to even more of these things. Free movies can’t be bad.

One thing I’ve noticed though, and don’t like, is that these bloody things never have any bloody trailers. Quite how one is supposed to get into the mood…