{17} On Caroline from Big Brother…

After four weeks and three evictions, finally we have an escapee with some bloody opinions, who isn’t afraid to give some good headline:

BBC: “Big Brother’s Caroline vows revenge
   Ousted Big Brother contestant Caroline O’Shea has vowed get her own back on “evil” fellow contestant Nicholas Bateman, who she has branded her “betrayer”.
   The blonde brummie said she will vote for his eviction if he is nominated and would like to “knock his block off”.
   She described Tom as “dull”, Darren “arrogant” and said Mel was a “pain in the arse”, who was only interested in the men in the house.
   And all the males in the house were branded Neanderthals.
   “At least the women have something to offer – there’s a creative streak,” she said.