Blog Family Robinson…

Good god. I can’t believe it. Mark seems to have got his whole family writing weblogs now. Some favourite quotes follow:

“I try to keep track of what is going on in Mark’s life by reading his blog but sometimes that’s not a good idea because reading what his says often makes me want to do any one of a number of different things, such as (1) Call home immediately. (2) Call Ted immediately (3) Hop on the first plane home to Connecticut. (4) Call 911.”

Blogging on Riothero
“Thanks to my poll, I learned that someone’s sister, named beth, has a crush on my brother (probably because of the nakedness on his webcam). So I send him email asking if he knows beth. His reply:
‘no, i don’t. but i go to the strip club on
saturday nights, i usually don’t
ask them for their name. i just say, ‘do me,
bitch’ so maybe i do, but
probably not.'”