I love Metafilter…

I really love Metafilter. Almost an unholy amount, in fact. For those of you who aren’t webloggers yourself (I’d place a bet on around 5%), and are thus unfamiliar with the site, it’s a community weblog, where anyone who signs up can post links through to interesting sites and news stories around the web. The two most important differences between it and other similar community weblogs are that Metafilter: 1) Allows considerable discussion of every post made, and 2) Seems almost magically to attract some astonishingly intelligent, responsible and able members of the web community.

Two recent examples:

  • Malasia’s attitude to sodomy and politics
    I posted this story yesterday that I found through AOL’s news site. It was a highly disturbing and bizarre piece which describes how the ex leader of the country has been sentenced to nine years in prison for sodomy. His brother has been sentenced to six years and four lashes with a rattan cane. And why? Because of apparent political differences with the current leader. I was astonished by the quality of the replies.

  • Network Solutions has denied’s request for the renewal of their domain
    Less seriously, having posted the above, I noticed what appeared to be a Wired-style story about Amazon’s problems with Network Solutions. Only it’s so much funnier than that. [Read the full piece]

    “As you are no doubt aware, the .com top-level domain is intended for use by for-profit corporations. Many such corporations are registered with Network Solutions, and this policy is unchanged. However, it has come to our attention, as evidenced by recent SEC filings on behalf of, inc., that your company has yet to turn a profit….”