Massow defects to Labour…

In the UK, there is this extremely successful young gay businessman called Ivan Massow. He is also, unfortunately, drop dead gorgeous. He is the friend of a friend of mine and I’ve met him a couple of times in passing. Unfortunately he has had one major flaw – his political leanings. Until very recently he has been the UK equivalent of a rampaging Republican – people we like to call “Tories” – whether or not other names might be more suitable.

Mr Massow has been feted by Margaret Thatcher, spoken at Tory Party Conferences and stood up in front of the whole gay community (from whom he has made considerable amounts of money by selling them insurance) and declared his allegiance to the party that has consistently tried to keep the divisive Section 28. But all this has now changed – it’s just been on Newsnight that he has defected to Labour!

I’ve tried to find some copy about this on the web, but completely without success – it’s a real breaking story and hasn’t got to them yet. So consider this a web exclusive: YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST! [More news as I have it]